A single 4-Karat Realmotion™ server powers an awe-inspiring generative and sound-reactive visual spectacle across more than 2.3 million LED light pixels on a sky-high guitar-shaped structure, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a premier destination and luxury resort in Hollywood, Florida that is not only a major tourist attraction but also a true architectural feat: this is the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel, serving as a tribute to the hotel and entertainment chain’s musical roots.

Standing at an impressive 400 feet high, the entire exterior of the guitar hotel is adorned with 2.3 million individual LEDs. At any given moment of the day, the front and back facades transform into a media system and dynamic sculpture that serve as both a screen and a stage for the nightly generative and sound-reactive show produced by creative studio Float4. The guitar’s silhouette creates a striking contrast with illuminated edges that are synchronized with the visuals. Laser guitar strings extend from the top of the building and can demonstrate vertical motion or visual effects such as fountains, chord strumming, and plucking. Lastly, the building design features a spandrel glass element, a detail that’s instrumental in extending the content past the guitar's face and body, producing the effect of another layer of content. 

Remarkably, the light shows are all powered by a single 4Karat server from our Gold Series. Utilizing image sequencing instead of video, this innovative technology ensures that any modifications only require the replacement or editing of images within the sequence, thereby eliminating the need to render new video files. In order to more efficiently manage all the content and synchronize the millions of LEDs, video mapping and lasers, we leveraged ISAAC, a  scheduling and automation control platform developed by frequent collaborators, Smart Monkeys Inc.. This system ingests content into the 4Karat server to seamlessly manage and integrate its various elements, showcasing the true power of Realmotion™ and ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests and on-lookers at any time of day. 

Boston-based fabricator DCL (Design Communications LTD) managed, directed, engineered and installed this huge feat in digital signage, architecture, and entertainment.